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Titel Datum Auteur Beschrijving
Artikel: The role of cognitive bias in relation to persistent distress among women diagnosed with breast cancer (2018) 10/04/2018 Wendy W.T. Lam Danielle Ng Sarah Wong Tatia M.C. Lee Ava Kwong Richard Fielding

Objective: To examine if bias in attention to and interpretation of cancer‐related stimuli differentiates women with persistent psychological distress from those with low/transient distress following breast cancer.


One‐hundred forty women classified in a prior...

Artikel: Relation of social constraints on disclosure to adjustment among Chinese American cancer survivors: A multiprocesses approach (2018) 09/04/2018 Celia C.Y. Wong Krystal Warmoth Shelby Ivy Bernice Cheung Qian Lu

Purpose: The present study examines the association between social constraints and depressive symptoms among Chinese American breast cancer survivors, and the mechanism underling this association. A multiprocesses model is tested to examine the mediating roles of ambivalence over emotional...

Artikel: Participation and interest in support services among family caregivers of older adults with cancer (2018) 09/04/2018 J. Nicholas Dionne‐Odom Allison J. Applebaum Katherine A. Ornstein Andres Azuero Paula P. Warren Richard A. Taylor Gabrielle B. Rocque Elizabeth A. Kvale Wendy Demark‐Wahnefried Maria Pisu Edward E. Partridge Michelle Y. Martin Marie A. Bakitas

Objective: The purpose of this study was to describe distressed and underprepared family caregiver's use of and interest in formal support services (eg, professional counseling, education, organizational assistance).


Cross‐sectional mail survey conducted in communities of...

Artikel: Psychophysical well‐being profiles in patients before hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (2018) 09/04/2018 Aleksandra Kroemeke Zuzanna Kwissa‐Gajewska Małgorzata Sobczyk‐Kruszelnicka

Objectives: The literature offers very few in‐depth reports on the time directly before hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). Also, researchers have focused on selected aspects of psychophysical well‐being and treated the sample as homogeneous. Thus, we chose to investigate distinct...

Artikel: Parental cancer: Characteristics of users of child‐centred counselling versus individual psycho‐oncological treatment (2018) 09/04/2018 Laura Inhestern Wiebke Geertz Frank Schulz‐Kindermann Corinna Bergelt

Objective: The aims of this study were to investigate the characteristics of users of a specific child‐centred counselling service (COSIP) and to compare those to parents using an individual psycho‐oncological treatment (PO).


We conducted a retrospective analysis on data...

Artikel: Predictors of long‐term distress in female partners of men diagnosed with prostate cancer (2018) 09/04/2018 Melissa K. Hyde Melissa Legg Stefano Occhipinti Stephen J. Lepore Anna Ugalde Leah Zajdlewicz Kirstyn Laurie Jeff Dunn Suzanne K. Chambers

Objective: Female partners of men with prostate cancer (PCa) experience heightened psychological distress; however, long‐term distress for this group is not well described. We examined partner's psychological and cancer‐specific distress over 2 years and predictors of change.


Artikel: Thyroid cancer patients receiving an interdisciplinary team‐based care approach (ITCA‐ThyCa) appear to display better outcomes: Program evaluation results indicating a need for further integrated care and support (2018) 09/04/2018 Melissa Henry Saul Frenkiel Gabrielle Chartier Christina MacDonald Richard J. Payne Martin J. Black Alex M. Mlynarek Anthony Zeitouni Karen Kost Carmen Loiselle Antoinette Ehrler Zeev Rosberger Michael Tamilia Yu Xin Chang Cecilia de la Mora

Background: Thyroid cancer (ThyCa) is generally associated with a favorable prognosis and excellent surgical outcomes. Consequently, its treatment is medically focused and current guidelines recommend interdisciplinary care including access to a nurse for complex cases alone. To date, no studies...

Artikel: Physicians' emotion regulation during communication with advanced cancer patients (2018) 09/04/2018 A.M.M. De Vries M.M. Gholamrezaee I.M. Verdonck‐de Leeuw Y. de Roten J.N. Despland F. Stiefel J. Passchier

Objective: In cancer care, optimal communication between patients and their physicians is, among other things, dependent on physicians' emotion regulation, which might be related to physicians' as well as patients' characteristics. In this study, we investigated physicians' emotion regulation...

Artikel: The effect of an attachment‐oriented couple intervention for breast cancer patients and partners in the early treatment phase: A randomised controlled trial (2018) 09/04/2018 A. Nicolaisen M. Hagedoorn D.G. Hansen H.L. Flyger R. Christensen N. Rottmann P.B. Lunn H. Terp K. Soee C. Johansen

Objective: Patients and partners both cope individually and as a dyad with challenges related to a breast cancer diagnosis. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of a psychological attachment‐oriented couple intervention for breast cancer patients and partners in the early...

Artikel: Factors associated with possible complicated grief and majordepressiv e disorders (2018) 09/04/2018 Maho Aoyama Yukihiro Sakaguchi Tatsuya Morita Asao Ogawa Daisuke Fujisawa Yoshiyuki Kizawa Satoru Tsuneto Yasuo Shima Mitsunori Miyashita

Objective: Complicated grief (CG) is considered a distinctive symptom from other bereavement‐related mental impairments such as major depressive disorder (MDD). CG and MDD may appear independently or co‐morbidly; however, the factors associated with each situation are unclear.